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Yacht rentals in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya.
Yacht rentals in Cancun starts with finding a yacht in excellent condition at a good price and the right size. The cost of renting a yacht in Cancun depends on the size of the yacht, condition, the chosen yacht rental time and additional services provided on board the yacht; preparation of the yacht for a birthday, wedding, catering and musicians (dj or mariachi).
  • Included in yacht rentals in Cancun: water, beer, sodas, snorkel equipment, all taxes.
  • Not included in yacht rentals in Cancun: transfer to the yacht and back, port fee.
  • Guarantee of your Cancun yacht rental reservation: we take at least $ 100 deposit and you pay the rest of the yacht rent fee on board the yacht.
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It is with us that many tourists rent a yacht in Cancun and go to sea on a yacht for the first time.