Cancun Fleet

Multi-day sailing regattas in Cancun

Sailing regattas in Cancun on a yacht or catamaran. Sailing on a yacht in the Caribbean Sea.

How we conduct multi-day sailing regattas in Cancun?

The multi-day sailing regatta in Cancun is held on a sailing catamaran in the Caribbean Sea as a relaxing tour with the crew and sailors who will be responsible for your comfortable sea voyage in the Caribbean.
This is not a regatta in the full sense of the word, it is a multi-day boat trip on a comfortable catamaran.
Of course, you will see all the attributes of the regatta and will be able to help the sailors manage the catamaran, but we do not promise you inter-Atlantic crossings with storms and winds. Everything will be calm, comfortable and fun.
You will enjoy the sea. Snorkeling, visiting islands, sunbathing and swimming in the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Standard questions about the multi-day regatta in Cancun:
  • How many people are there?
  • How many days do you want to go to sea?
  • What level of comfort do you want to get?
  • Do you need additional services for the celebration, if there will be one?